Upcoming Events

Unless otherwise stated, all events take place at Winnington Park Recreation Club.

List of Events - 2017

Event Date Time
Fri 27/01 Latin Line New Year Party 8pm-late
Fri 10/02 Valentines Dance 8pm-late
Sun 12/03 IDTA Exam 9am-1pm
Sat 18/03 B&L Practice Session 8-10pm
Fri 07/04 Easter Dance 8pm-late
Sat 20/05 May Dance 8pm-late
Fri 09/06 B&L Practice Session 8-10pm
Sat 15/07 Summer Dance 8pm-late
Fri 28/07 Latin Line Summer Party 8pm-late
Thurs 03/08 B&L Practice Session 7.30-9.0pm
Thurs 10/08 B&L Practice Session 7.30-9.0pm
Thurs 17/08 B&L Practice Session 7.30-9.0pm
Thurs 24/08 B&L Practice Session 7.30-9.0pm
Thurs 31/08 B&L Practice Session 7.30-9.0pm
Sat 28/10 Halloween Dance 8pm-late
Sat 02/12 Christmas Dance 8pm-late

List of Events - 2018

Event Date Time
Sat 17/02 Valentines Dance 8pm-late
Sat 24/03 Easter Dance 8pm-late
Sat 19/05 May Dance 8pm-late
Sat 14/07 Summer Dance 8pm-late
Sat 27/10 Halloween Dance 8pm-late
Sat 01/12 Christmas Dance 8pm-late

Colour Key

Green = Exams / Presentations
Purple = Ballroom & Latin Open Drop-in Practice Sessions (£4 each)
Red = Ballroom & Latin Dance Night
Blue = Latin Line Dancing Events
Orange = Ballroom & Latin Open Practice Sessions - August (90mins) - £3.50 each